I think the regulation that stops people from doing electrical work in their own home that was brought in by Labour a few years ago should be scrapped.

I used to do my own work but now I cannot without hiring somebody to check it. I think that any benefit that might be gained in terms of safety is far outweighed by the damage done by the state telling me what I can do in my own home.

Why is this idea important?

My idea might not be the most important one submitted but nevertheless there is a principal at stake here.

It is my wiring in my house and if I want to change it I don't see why the law should force me to hire somebody to do it for me – or to inspect what I have done. I should be allowed to do what I like with my property so long as I don't have any intent to harm others.

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  1. Yes totally agree with that.Scrap Part P. Draconian waste of time and obscene expence.

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