Cornwall is one of the few places in the country that hasn't yet been hit by the mass networking of radio that has seen the closure of many, many once cherished local stations.

However, the governments plan to switch to DAB will spell disaster for pretty much every station in Cornwall.

Cornwall isn't London. We don't have huge wages down here. Sure London can afford to switch over, and it makes logical sense but smaller stations such as Atlantic FM and Pirate FM would either fail to afford the switchover, or due to the setup of the multiplexes have to serve a much bigger region, which would result in the fiasco of ITV again down here. I for one don't want to listen to what's going on in Exeter from where I live 64 miles away from there. Besides DAB sets cost a bomb, and to be honest, they don't sound too snazzy either.

The only stations that really benefit from the switchover are stations operated by Global Radio. I dread the day where my alarm clock goes off and some guy (or indeed girl) in London or a networked place too far from me to care about says "Welcome to Heart". I think it'd give me a heart attack with the horror. Give me Bob McCreadie over the woeful offerings of networked stations anyday. If I wanted to know what the traffic was like in Islington, i'd tune into BBC Radio 2. 

It's about time the media was respected, and not just turning into a cash farm for the fat cats. (Rupert Murdoch and Global, i'm looking at you here). Think back to the snow induced chaos we had beginning of 2010. Would a huge station covering pretty much the South West be able to do the same job as Pirate or Atlantic would in Cornwall. Probably not. Even more so if its networked from London.

Don't forget community radio. Where do we fit into all this? (North Cornwall Broadcasting operates a small internet radio station for North Cornwall). If Pirate and Atlantic would struggle to go to digital, we have no hope at all! No community station i know of knows what the future holds for us.

Think demise of Regional ITV. Think snow chaos. Think Global Shareholders sitting waving cash in the air, while perfectly good radio teams are made redundant. Think Sensibly. Think FM. Scrap the digital switchover, unless you plan a disaster.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because Cornwall stands to lose all the broadcast media we have left with the digital switchover. ITV is now irrelevant, and the only choice is BBC, which caters for an older audience. 

If radio is switched over down here, our current stations would have to cover a region impossible to cover, and there is the risk the switchover couldn't be afforded. Also, there is a lack of clarity with community radio stations.

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