America has given a date and time for Jack Straw to address questions on the above. In some media reports it states he has been `summoned` and in others `invited`.

Why is this important – Well, my main reason is that when British soldiers were killed by American Air Force Jets and the Coroner wanted the pilots to testify in his court, the USA refused to send them (and this was important for bringing closure to relatives) – and these are our allies.

Add to this the one way extradition arrangements with America and now David Cameron stating that Britain was the 'junior partner' to the USA  from 1940 in WWII; lack of acknowledgement in the USA about the part American firms have played in the oil leak (I dont recall America doing the decent thing in Bhopal)  – then one has to question why we are happy to remain subservient to Americas demands.

Why is this idea important?

As we seem to be re-kindling our 'special relationship' with the USA following David Camerons recent visit it just sounds like strengthening the ties to continue Britain being shafted by the USA – It is about time we had some balls and national pride to exert our own authority. 

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