Trust me on this, the level of disability you have to have to get a higher rate of either the mobility or care (or both) componant of DLA cannot be faked, Not even if your name is Johnny Depp.

I have Spina Bifida, use a wheelchair and cant walk at all,i get higher rate mobility, and middle rate care, I was born with the condition, i live with it, i will die with it. but guess what,  even i had to fight to get middle rate care, nevermind higher rate mobility (both of which i once lost and had to appeal, got it back within a month)

There is just no way on this earth a 'higher rate' disability can be faked, you might say its easy to fake being in a chair, very true, but it isnt easy to fake the bent spine, twisted hips, small height (35 years old and im about 5 feet tall), pressure sores on the arse, or the affectionately named pigeon legs.

why waste thousands of pounds,or more, doing medicals that are stressful and frightening because we fear losing DLA on people with that level of disability. (i could be years away from one, but im already worrying every day about it, im looking for a job, but if i lose my DLA, if i have a job by then, i would have to quit that job, couldnt get there without DLA, couldnt probably do the job, as DLA would pay for any extra help i need in the workplace, id be housebound, no money, no job, nothing))

I have medical notes that make the collected works of shakespeare (good read by the way) look like a newspaper. and clearly state my condition(s). just look at them, and consult my consultants, GP, Podietrists, district nurses, urologist etc.

money, time, and resources saved, (good for the taxpayer) and no undue stress on the (deserving) claimant.

And do it once, keeping the results on file, so that we are not put under this stress time and time again, trust me (again) conditions like spina bifida do not get better,  only worse,AND CANNOT BE FAKED!!.

Why is this idea important?

It would save money (good for the taxpayer), time, and resources better used on lower rate more able claimants, and also on the medicals for other benefits like ESA, so that they could be made better than they are (a shambles quite frankly)

And would eleviate the stress and worry these things cause the more severely disabled because we worry about losing DLA which is a much needed payment that helps us be mobile, live AND WORK.

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  1. If a person has a job with a reasonable income,and possibly a pension too,why shouldn’t they buy and run their own car instead of being given the use of a brand new mobility car every three years? It’s crazy that a millionare with a disability can be given a free car,while others like the unemployed with savings of over £6000 get reduced or no benefit at all.Many so called disabled are quite capable physically,but by putting a couple of words on a claim form get thousands a year,whether fit or not or working or not.

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