Many recent laws have regulated things because they can be regulated, or because on MP has suffered a rush of blood to the head (perhaps after reading an inflamatory newspaper) and wants to control something. Resist the urge to control.

Ask does this NEED to regulated?

How much?

If the problem is rare, or the effect is minimal, or rule are easily circumvented, then don't regulate.

Which laws? Too many to list. Review all laws passed in the past 10 years and apply this principle. How did we manage without the law in the past.

Repeal, repeal, repeal.

Why is this idea important?

We managed without many laws just a few years ago.

Technology advances make it easier to enforce new laws. Even old laws are affected, because the techology and rule set mean that things that were ignored in the past are logged, tracked on databases, and automativally pursued.

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