Regulate clamping companies and release fees and/or strengthen private PCN's and put them on the same footing as local authority parking charge notices (i.e. criminal not civil law).

Why is this idea important?

I live in a Flat, the whole of our site is private property which we have to pay to maintain, each leaseholder has a parking space and we have a very limited number of guest parking spaces.  We have had a problem with particular people who have no right to be on our property taking up parking spaces.

The police will do nothing about them as it is private property.  We are going down the route of Penalty Charge Notices to try and stop these people who are depriving us of our property.  Wheel Clamping has (quite rightly) got a bad name because of the cowboys out there, however by removing the option to clamp, unless private PCN's are put on the same footing as those issued by the local authority there is going to be no real deterrent to people who come and deprive you of your property.  Those who get clamped once on a site are much less liable to do it again as they are inconvenienced in not being able to drive away when they feel like it and having to pay a charge to get their vehicle releases.

In a recent confrontation with an offender I was told by them, “I’ll park here whenever I want”,  you need something that will act as a deterrent to those sort of people and clamping I think is in the long run the only thing that will make them think twice.

So I would say don’t scrap clamping, regulate it and regulate the charges for release of the vehicle and have an indipendant appeals process.  If you must scrap clamping then you must strengthen the law for private PCN’s to enable enforcement of the tickets and put them on the same footing a local authority tickets (i.e. criminal not civil law) if they are to have a real effect.

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