Assuming the driver can prove the he /she has been responsible whilst drinking ie not driven home. The sentence assuming no fault of the driver should be a lesser sentence . Recognising the difference between being over the limit having. Slept and showered as as posed to driving straight from the pub Resturant etc.

Why is this idea important?

In my opinion being over the limit in the morning has no more I’ll effect on your driving than driving with a headache or feeling unwell. I appreciate this may prove very difficult to legislate but I’m sure with common sense this could be introduced.

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  1. Why the current drink driving limits and the even more preposterous “Zero Tolerance” or “Not a Drop” measures are beyond all logic; and to think that people vote for these clowns???
    The human body produces alcohol naturally… end of story, but I must go on!
    Endogenous ethanol production is the term for alcohol being produced naturally within the body through fermentation of its contents in the gut. Depending on diet and other factors; up to about one ounce or 3 grams of pure ethanol (alcohol) is produced within the body each day. That amount equals almost two standard drinks of beer, wine or liquor.
    Catabolic degradation of ethanol is essential to life, not only to humans, but to almost all living organisms, hence when you put your favourite alcoholic beverage to your lips your body says, Ooh, thank you so much!
    Additionally, there is a condition known as “auto-brewery syndrome”, where intestinal overgrowth of Candida or other yeasts in the gut, eat our bodily sugars and convert them into pure ethanol (alcohol, which is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and is sometimes rather large quantities equivalent to having several drinks of beer, wine or liquor. This is most common in people who have been on long-term antibiotics or immunosuppressant drugs and there are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK on long-term antibiotics and who have Candida or other yeast infections, and many more people that don’t even know they have the infections. People with this condition, who eat large amounts of carbohydrates such as rice, can actually feel drunk after eating, and chronic fatigue is the most common symptom, hence why you usually feel sleepy after a meal.

    Just like most laws, they are conjured up by a handful of individuals with an ulterior purpose and not for the purpose to which they lead you to believe, i.e., “saving lives”. Politicians couldn’t give a damn about preventing injuries or saving people’s lives, other than their own. As usual, they do not consult with any experts in the particular field for which the purpose of the law will affect, i.e., the ambulance and fire services who have battled with politicians for years to remove speed humps as they are putting more lives at risk than they are saving, and yet the local authorities are still installing them, blatantly obvious, to keep people in jobs and to line their own pockets. Politicians rely purely on the scaremongering tactics that they have systematically inflicted on the masses, they don’t need to follow ‘due process protocols’ and they don’t want any expert involvement because it would expose the ulterior motive’ behind the laws they wish to implement.

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