I would welcome a ban on the consumption of alcohol in residential area's if people want to drink in their gardens or homes then thats fine I enjoy a few pints myself now and then. 

However many people find it intimidating have to pass close by large groups of people who have been drinking all day on the street outside their home.

It is even more daunting when this is in residential areas near schools where for example a person may be walking  home with their child/children. 

Why is this idea important?

There has over recent years been a lot of press surrounding anti social behavior and alcohol related violence.

The average British citizen does not spend their day drinking and looking for a fight.

So why should they be exposed to people who do.

A ban on drinking in public residential areas i.e. outside peoples homes on public paths

would at the very least help people feel safer walking in their own area.

It may even reduce some alcohol related crimes.  

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