Instead of having just names on insurance certificates for vehicles, I suggest having names with driving licence numbers as well.  When an insurance company is approached by a member of the public seeking to take out a policy, all the details are taken in the usual way, with the addition of the driver's driving licence number and that of any other named drivers.

The insurance company then request from the DVLA confirmation that the licence is valid and that all the relevant points for driving offences have been declared.

Why is this idea important?

This idea will allow insurance companies to make a more realistic assesment of the risk attached to a particular vehicle or vehicles, instead of relying on a persons honesty to declare driving offences or driving experience, thereby high risk drivers pay more and savings can ideally be passed on to low risk drivers.

'Fronting', where high risk drivers are named as a secondary driver on a vehicle which they are the main user of, would be reduced as a direct result as it would no longer be cost effective to hide on someone else's policy.  The reason young people pay more is because they are a greater risk and it is unfair on everyone else to pay hand over fist when they wrap a car around a tree.

Police would also save a large amount of time dealing with HO/RT/1s and enquiries with insurance companies as they will see exactly which 'J BLOGGS' from a family of three or four 'J BLOGGS' is allowed to drive a vehicle.

This would also cut down on identity theft and fraud as no licence would mean no insurance from the outset.  Disqualified drivers could no longer apply for a policy of insurance to obtain a certificate and then cancel the policy.

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