As we all know you only need 12 points on your driving licence to lose it. To be given points for non excessive speeding is draconian. My idea is to remove points for speeding (but not other offences) but to increase the fines.


1 – People don't slow down for speed cameras unless they see them. Often people still speed as demonstrated by the fact that they still get caught by speed cameras. The threat of points doesn’t work.

2 – The reason for speed cameras is not safety but cash generation as shown by the fact that they are now being switched off on areas following recent government cuts. If speed reduction was the real incentive then physical measures would have been created eg chicanes, bumps etc.

3 – Physical barriers are cheaper to install and maintain than cameras and could be used in quieter areas and for busier roads then fines but not points should be used. The fines should be steeper than present and could rise sharply. Financial penalties are more effective in most cases. If we had a £100 fine which doubled for each subsequent fine you'd soon see speeding reduced. If the fines can't be paid then you take the car; it should be treated with the same severity as MOT and insurance infringements.

4 – Points should be retained for severe speeding offences (say 50 mph in a 30 mph zone)  and other offences (drink driving, dangerous driving, driving without insurance/MOT etc) to reflect the risk.

5 – People resent speed cameras because of the points. Adjust the approach and people will be less antagonistic.



Why is this idea important?

Increased use of points increases insurance premiums and gives the impressiion that government doesn't listen to motorists. We are under threat from increased road tax and fuel prices. We need a break.

The current system leads to an enormous amount of log jammed paperwork as people fight their points. Money hurts but points hurt more. Punishing infringements financially would be easier to take and would make people feel less liek they're being crininalised.

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