1) All drivers over the age of 60 will have to retake their driving test.

2) All learners are not able to take their test until at least after a years worth of practice, and limit the power of the car according to their age. Do not allow them to drive vehicles with power they are unable to handle.



17-20 –  110bhp max

21-24 – 150bhp max

25+ – 150bhp +

Why is this idea important?

1) Its usually the younger generation of people who get slated for being bad drivers and doing silly things, which in actual fact, old drivers are just as bad.

Make all drivers older than 60 to retake their practical tests to help make sure they are capable of driving carefully yet safely.

2) Extending the period for learners will help them be more careful on the roads as all to many young ones are involved in accidents mainly due to care and attention.

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