Remove the present bad law that uses the "one over the 85" for deciding whether a driver is capable of safely handling a vehicle and replace it with a straightforward charge of "Driving While Unfit To Do So" – for whatever reason be it drinking, drug taking or simply not capable of operating a vehicle safely. The disablity lobby may object but is not the safety of all road users more important than inconvenience to a few.

Why is this idea important?

There are too many drivers on the road who are not able to operate a vehicle safely, drink and drugs are only two of the reasons. The present law penalises people who are safe, competent and who are perfectly capable of having a drink and driving home without presenting a danger to others – they presently risk being penalised by exceeding a number which they have  no way of calculating. The excuse that "They should not be drinking anyway" is irrevelant – such a law is bad law particularly where draconian penalties affect one (otherwise law abiding) section of the community while penalties for worse behaviour on the roads attract lesser sanctions.

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