Is it fair that I get up and go to work every morning while my neighbours live in a council provided house and live on Government handouts in the form of benifits?  It is about time the working public are rewarded for keeping the economy running.  I suggest that income tax is reduced by 2.5% across the board in January when VAT is raised to 20% . This will be a small reward for the hard working people in our country.  I would think that most working people would not mind an increase in VAT to 22 or 23% if income tax is reduced by the same margin.  That way the lazy layabouts and benefit cheats will also contribute to the state coffers instead of just sucking them dry!

Why is this idea important?

The coalition Government need to put action to their words.  David Cameron has often said that the benefit system must be cleaned up and that benefit cheats must be dealt with.  This will be a start in making them pay for the good life they have enjoyed at the tax payers expense.

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