Scrap the government plans to phase out FM radio broadcasting by 2015. It is unnecessary and will be prohibitively expensive for radio listeners.

Why is this idea important?

The plans to phase out FM radio by 2015 is an ill thought out idea. It will mean approx 120,000,000 radio sets being junked plus another 50,000,000 car radios discarded. What a monumental waste of resource, not to mention the cost of repacement. Scrap this idea please.

3 Replies to “Drop law to phase out FM broadcasting.”

  1. Bad idea. I use both DAB and FM but the FM is more reliable. With some DAB radios I can only get reception in 2 places in my house niether of which I would listen to a radio in. In may locations mobile internet is very unrealable in and I feel that DAB will be the same. DAB feels like a commercial opportunity rather than an additional public service

  2. We are the people and I dont consent to my public/civil servants disgarding our heritage as the am/fm radio waves and stations!!! This is absurd forget this idiotic idea and stop the abusive and unconstitutional law!!!

  3. This is simply ridiculous, why should anyone be forced to spend money on digital radio. I do have a digital radio at home and frankly the sound and reception is no better than FM. The improvement over analogue is hardly noticeable and nowhere near the improvement with digital TV. Most car radios are not dab, resulting in yet more expense if you want to listen to radio in your car. As I say, simply ridiculous, there is no reason for this that makes any sense for the consumer.

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