my husband was sentence to 18 years in jail through the joint enter-prize law for something he never done, a man was killed a pub and my husband was standing at the door and was not involved in this murdered of this man, he WAS there but he didnt touch the man and this was proven in court, the prosticution and the judge agreed with this but the jury came back with joint enter-prize with the other defendents.
Meaning if one is found guilty there all found guilty of this crime, so therefore the joint enter-prize is a 300 year old law and it should be changed if anyone is sentenced under joint enter-prize law and didnt killed anyone should not go to jail for a long period of time, they should have:-
-joint enter-prize 1- for the person who kills
-joint enter-prize 2- for the person who intensionly to harm
-joint enter-prize 3- for person who is there but did not involved in the crime that has been commited.
this law has to be changed because not just my husband but thousands of innocent people have gone to jail in the UK for crimes and murders they have not commited.
the police and the prosticution services are still using this LAW to put away innocent people, if they commited murder they should go to jail but if they didnt they should not go for jail.
this subject about joint enter-prize has been to the house of commons back in march this year, they said the law may not be drop but made it clear that this law is WRONG, there is a group called LONDON AGAINST INJUSTICE is fighting for this to be changed. please can you listen to us because we are tryng to changed this law for innocent people to be changed, we are hoping to go back to the house of commons by the end of this year. thank you

Why is this idea important?

my idea is important because there is thousands of innocent people being sentence through this law and getting life in jail and they didnt even commit the crime.

i know that if you do commit the murder, you should go to jail for LIFE,but if you were simply there at the wrong place at the wrong time and was not involved with the murder you should get  a lot lower sentence than the person who commits the murder

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