Increase age on serving and consuming alcohol and stop alcohol being sold at prices children now can afford this is mainly aimed at supermarkets price wars 30 cans of beer/lager for £15 this would not only help with recieving tax income, but reduce spending by the NHS at weekends there can be up to a 3hr wait to seen due to drunks falling over, fighting or drink drivers killing others or the best one ive had to wait for is two over weight who fell off their high heels, because they were to drunk to stand how much would that have cost taxpayer. or make them pay for their own treatment.

Legalise canabis for terminally ill patients, there is no drug available that has the same affects and causes the NHS no funds compared to the above Im not surgesting it should be on general use, or smoked on street or sold to minors like the above is, but to ease the pain and suffering of terminally ill patients why not

Why is this idea important?

to help reduce the debt the labour government left this country in as always (sorry old person) and to reduce unnecessary sending by NHS

To stop supermarkets flaunting with the law and ruining peoples lives

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