Repeal /amend  the law that allows the DVLA to disclose personal information of vehicle ownership  to private companies and individuals in pursuance of alleged parking offences etc..  This information is regularly used by unscrupulous so called 'parking enforcement' organisations to pressurise and intimidate the named individual.

This information should only be disclosed to the police and other statutory legal authority.

Why is this idea important?

This practice has been a serious and unacceptable breach of the privacy that each of us should be able to enjoy, and seems  to be just a source of revenue for the DVLA. Changing this law  would be a clear example that the Government are serious about civil liberty.

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  1. i think all drivers information should be available on line free of charge. i myself know of someone who says they have got a full car motorcycle licence. personally i think this person is a conpulsive lier. is this information available already or have i got to take there stinking word on it.

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