Abolish all legislation concerned with monitoring the location of sheep. Tracing sheep is pointless, unnecessary, unachievable, time wasting, expensive and harmful to the ears of the animals. It is legislation designed by bureaucrats for bureaucrats. These bureaucrats are parasites in our society.

There is no justification for this insane legislation. It is stated to be essential ‘in the event of a disease outbreak’ but it will do nothing to prevent disease or to control disease.

Farmers are now required to record the movement, not just of batches of sheep, but of individual sheep. Sheep are obliged to have a tag in each ear, inscribed with a unique number which must be entered onto a licence whenever the animal is moved. Many farmers have several thousand sheep.

Why is this idea important?

Repealing this legislation will save huge amounts of money.  Farmers would be spared the cost of ear tags and the labour costs involved in both applying the tags and completing all subsequent paper work. Tax payers would be spared the cost of funding the army of civil servants that are employed to record the enormous amount of data generated.

 Repealing this legislation will save huge amounts of time and aggravation. Farmers have better things to do on the farm than apply ear tags and fill in paper work.

Repealing this legislation will spare millions of sheep the pain of being tagged – even a careful farmer will see some ears become septic after tagging. Many sheep will rip the tags out and suffer the pain of torn ears.

As it stands, the present legislation allows lambs to be sold straight to slaughter with only one ear tag. However, this concession is useless to farmers selling in a livestock market because it is impossible to predict who might bid for the animals. If only one tag is applied then no-one other than butchers will be permitted to purchase the lambs. This means that a decision must be made in advance whether to apply two tags (one of them an expensive electronic tag) and hope to sell lambs store or for breeding or to go for the cheaper option of applying only one tag which will effectively remove a proportion of potential bidders. Repealing this legislation will allow a return to a free and open market system.

This legislation is straight out of Brussels – if it is necessary for the UK to leave the EU in order to repeal this legislation then so be it – and good riddance to Europe and the endless red tape that has resulted from our EU membership. Whatever happened to Britain’s ‘strong voice in Europe’ (a phrase beloved by pro European politicians) if we cannot overturn some of the craziest legislation ever dreamt up by humanity?

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  1. senseless bureaucracy by mindless people who have no livestock experience, dreaming up any new idea that will generate endless records and documents and it would appear that there is nobody to stop it

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