Energy can be clean and cheap, global warming could be fought, but only with large off shore wind trubines. Those living by the sea who complain about the developments currently have a voice of there own, but i think the government needs to be the voice of the future generations of britons who would rather not live in a world ravaged by global warming. We need to stop the NIMBY's from ruining this countrys future, we need to start building off shore wind turbines as fast as we can.

We need to reduce the bureaucracy slowing down installation of large off shore wind turbines.

Why is this idea important?

I have already seen some posts on hear for the ease of planning permission for micro generation; unfortunately it is not technologically possible to efficiently micro generate electricity, especially with micro wind turbines. Off shore wind farms can be far larger and have access to very fast wind speeds. Initial construction energy can be gained back far quicker (3/4 of a year) than with micro wind turbines (7 years, if they last that long) *.

In the UK we are lucky enough to have the offshore wind resources to produce far more energy than we need. If we had enough wind turbines to produce 200% of our energy needs, it would be very statistically unlikely that we would have power shortages. Also, by the time we had such a system installed, carbon capture technology is likely to have been perfected and we could use all of our excess energy to capture carbon dioxide (and if a global carbon credit system were in place, we could make money from it). We also need to think about future energy security.



*Small wind turbines are esspeicially inneffective since blade length and wind speed are the two factors in determining energy output and increase the power, not linearly, but by the power of 2 and 3respectively*. Power ,P, is determined by:

P= Constant x Area x wind speed cubed

Where the constant comes from the blade design and air density. 

The area is:

A = pi x L squared

Where L is the blade length, so you can see by increasing the blade length a little the power produced can be increased alot.

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