If it costs the same for private school as it does for prison-educate prisoners-if they want money, empower them to earn it. If they were offered an exclusive education they would have to be REALLY stupid to refuse it. Begin by the aggressive acquisition of quality education services, whose funding is gradually taken up by the considerable reduction in OTT security measures. Some may say 'what about the drug problem…', well if you've read my other ideas, the legalisation of drugs would exponentially reduce the cost of security.

Why is this idea important?

if taxpayers begrudge that amount of money being spent on prisoners- better make sure they don't come back eh. Now if we could just command the same amount of state money for the education of our kids we wouldn't have to spend it on prisoners. I guess what I'm saying is we better educate our teachers properly first. THROW OUT INCOMPETENT TEACHERS, BE MORE SELECTIVE WITH TEACHING TALENT ACROSS THE BOARD AND WE CAN ALL HAVE A RICH EDUCATION-IT'S NOT ABOUT FLASH BUILDINGS.

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