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At present, recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetics are either incompletely or not educated to control their blood glucose by diet plus exercise alone.  They soon become dependent on medication for the rest of their life.  These drugs, plus medical care of the ensuing grisly diabetic complications, must account for a sizeable proportion of the 10% of the NHS budget – that is around £9 billion/year – estimated to be spent on diabetes [Diabetes UK’s “Balance” magazine, Jan-Feb 2010, pg. 41].

I am a healthy Type 2 diabetic in his twelfth year of controlling blood glucose by diet plus exercise alone.  This is done by following The DiabeticOptiCarbDiet (DOCD), which corrects the four main shortcomings of official wisdom and adds numerous refinements.  Its main correction is providing healthy and truly balanced (thus: “optimum”) carbohydrate consumption, specific to each individual, that keeps their blood glucose below levels where damage leading to complications occurs – and not by low-carbing.  Another correction is providing meaningful yet minimal self-testing.  In spite of its improvements, DOCD has been received with almost complete indifference by policymakers.  This probably results from numerous obstacles that create ignorance of control by diet plus exercise alone at all professional levels, combined with over-dependence on drug company funds.  These two probable reasons for this situation are amplified in DOCD’s website (http://www.dietcontroldiabetes.com. Best viewed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).  The matter should be fully investigated.  This likely favourable situation has not deterred some large drug companies from transferring their research and production activities to countries where manpower is cheaper and demand is growing faster.

This contribution should not be deleted because it (inevitably) includes mention of a little-known product.  DOCD costs a mere £15/copy, and the loss each year has come out of my pocket.

Why is this idea important?

Several recent official' documents (referenced in the link) bear witness to DOCD being well ahead of the field in diet plus exercise alone blood glucose control.  DOCD has the potential to significantly reduce NHS expenditure.  Diabetics respond better to advice when they are confident that the method they are following really works and becomes undemandingly second nature.

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