All children with special needs should have the human right to attend mainstream schools with their peers and should have their physical requirements met and catered for in a mainstream environment.  Special needs schools are incorrect, segregate, and deny children basic human rights. 

Why is this idea important?

The segregation of children into mainstream and special needs schools means that while most children enjoy the benefits of learning and growing up in a 'normal' environment there are others with disabilities who attend special needs schools where the standards of education can be low or non-existent.

Schools are already a form of segregation of children into special needs and mainstream environments.  Some children on leaving special needs schools at the age of 16 or 18 end up lacking basic literacy and numeracy skills. While this may be the result of low or no expectations from staff, parents need to take an active role in ensuring that their disabled children are allowed to reach their full potential and make an informed choice of what is best for their children.

We, as a society need to be aware of the segregation and discrimination that the Government and the Local Education Authorities are willing to accept as normal. Children, no matter what their disabilities, do not deserve this and cannot become equal citizens if they are denied basic education, are segregated from mainstream society and often do not have equal opportunities. As a society, we need to challenge the State and its agencies to promote basic human rights.


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