How is it fair that EMA is given to people just because they attend college or sixth form? I know people who are currently at my sixth form who turn up just because of EMA. It is said that EMA is used for study reasons. A number of people I know use it for other purposes, NOT study reasons. I think this is unfair for people who cannot claim this just because their parents earn over a certain amount a year. Our parents are the ones that are paying these people in tax so I think it should be abolished all together or everybody should have the right to claim it. You can claim up to 30 pound a week…I mean I have a part time job and I can't even earn that on a saturday! There is this stereotypical way of thinking that parents who earn over a certain amount a year give the equivalent amount of money to their children…This is wrong. Do something about this.

Why is this idea important?

It will show people at college and sixth form indepedance when obtaining money. It will also cut down money that is being splashed out from the government. It could potentially save a lot of money and could help the country.

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