I would abolish the General Teaching Council and the Institute for Learning (IfL) both of which  which present themsleves as organsations that are there to help and support teacher prefessionalism but in actual fact simply add to the individual teacher's workload and, in the case of the IfL, seem to exist solely to monitor teachers activities. There are, in short, unneccessary and are a prime example of bloated government and waste in the public sector.

There are many other education Quangos which could be dismantled saving money and reducing unnecessary administration for all those who work in schools, colleges, universities and training poroviders and I'm glad to see that some of these are already being looked at.

Moreover, the practice of bringing in consultants and ring fencing school budgets which, in effect, cause schools and LEAs to waste millions each year employing these largely pointless educational consultants should cease. In this time of austerity we need to target as much money to the front line – teachers and teaching – and forget about forcing schools and colleges to waste money on things they don't need

Why is this idea important?

It will save money and divert resources to where it is needed most. It will also hand back power to the schools and colleges and their teachers who are, after all, the people who have received professional training and who know more about what is important in teaching and learning than government bureaucrats and poiticians.

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