The Institute for Learning is an intrusive and ineffective body. The idear that standards in further educatuion should be raised is fine but this body is failing to achieve anything. By removing the regulation that all teachers in further education must be registered the body will wither and die. No one, heads students and the vast majoority of teachers have a good word to say for the organisation. They themselves publish achievments the best of which has been that teaches feel their self esteem has been raised. Stop this nonsence and remove the restrictive legislation.

Why is this idea important?

This will once again improve the supply of good practical teachers with industrial and business experience to be judged only on their merits by haeds in colleges of Further education and it will remove a completley wasted expense, all the H&S and HR parifinalea (£12 milliaon a year) they have set up around themselves.


It will be an easy and first step in quango reduction, much more of which is still needed.

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  1. The way in which the Ifl, which grew out of the now (thankfully departed) LSC, has been allowed to exist is beyond understanding. A pointless quango which serves only to sustain itself, it would not be missed

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