Families should have greater transparency when it comes to their elderly relatives in care homes. We should be able to access and have copies of additions to 'behaviour registers'made by care homes.

The care homes use these to complain and label elderly residents and write up erroneous care plans which the social workers then back up. The social workers have access to it but the families do not and are prevented from challenging erroneous entries.

Families should have immediate access to care plans and letters written and registered by social workers about their elderly relatives so that we can challenge these if they are incorrect.

This should not necessarily require a LPA.

Families are identified by their elderly relatives as representing their health and welfare interests. The care homes are being given access to medical letters and social workers information about the elderly but the families are being prevented from accessing these.

It is not a surprise that several elderly people have died in care homes as a result of negligence right under the noses of social workers.

The local government ombudsman should not be the last point of call. Families should have a right to appeal the decision in court.

Why is this idea important?


Greater Human Rights for elderly people in care homes. This should have the same level of importance as prisoners have in prison. Both groups are vunerable to bureaucracy and abuse of their fundamental rights to be treated with human dignity.

The treatment of elderly residents in care homes is appalling only early intervention by families and greater transparency will aid this. The CQC is unable to look at individual cases. In order for an inspector to reply back to a family making an anonymous complaint is by giving the name of the elderly person in the care home. This makes the elderly person automatically 'a problem' and a vunerable target for the care homes and social workers.

Even when CQC investigates they can only 'suggest' improvements. There is no legal punishment until someone dies. Therefore the Care Standards Act 2008 and the Health and Social care Act 2008 is never in reality implemented.

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  1. Many but not all care homes for adults but not children are pre-occupied by PROFIT. The country should move to nationalised and therefore non profit making care homes for adults as happens with children

    Many adult care workers but not child care workers are hideously exploited in pay and working conditions.

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