Following on from the St. Andrews Agreement the situation is now that the post of Fist Minister will go to the largest party and not the largest party from the largest designation as under the 1998 Agreement, which would ensure the majority would retain the top position.

Under the ’98 agreement there was a safe guard that the largest community would secure the post of First Minister, albeit that the post of First Minister and Deputy First Minister are equal in power and authority, the perception to many is still vitally important, the current set up that allows the two top positions in the Northern Ireland Executive to be agreed behind closed doors is unacceptable in any democratic society and must be changed.

Why is this idea important?

For the sake of stability in Northern Ireland this absurdity must be removed.

There is time for the government to make the necessary amendments before the next Assembly elections to ensure a stable situation at Stormont, which will be vitally important as we approach the financially challenging times that lie ahead.

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