I think electoral reform is now long overdue in this country. The perpetual problem that every electoral system faces is trying to make the system as fair and representitive as possible whilst still allowing parties to form majority governments. It is impossible to achieve, proportional representation prevents any party from making a majority. This is no more democratic than first past the post as minority parties end up with the power to swing the vote in either direction. The Nazi party used tactics like this to sieze power in the 20s in Germany. First past the post on the other hand causes huge disparities between the vote and the proportion of seats in parliament.

The alternative vote, in my opinion is an improvement on our current system. However, if we wanted to deliberately give a larger proportion of the seats in parliament to the parties who have the most votes then we should do it in a way that is the same for all parties and isn't left up to the spread of the votes throughout the country (like first past the post).

If this our solution is to give proportionally more seats to parties who recieve the most votes then we should do this by squaring the number of seats that a party recieves in an election and giving seats as a proportion of the figure. This will allow the most popular party to form a majority most of the time whilst all parties have an equal chance. The only bias in this system is towards parties with more votes which is, in my opinon, a fair bias.

Why is this idea important?

In a democracy the most important thing for a voter is knowing that their vote counts. I personally live in a conservative safe seat and (as I am not a conservative) feel that my vote is essentially not counted, even if I vote for another major party which has large support in the nation overrall. I accept that I am in a minority in my constituency, but I am not in a minority when you look at the nation overrall. My personal situation to one side, if you look at the statistics from the last election the disparity between the proportion of seats and votes simply borders on ridiculous. First past the post only really allows for a choice between two parties and this is undemocratic. If someone feels let down by their party of choice from the two but doesn't agree with the idealology of the opposition party who do they vote for then? There needs to be a fairer system with greater choice.

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