Eliminate the fuzzy Health and Safety legislation which prevents us from enjoying the warmth of a bonfire on Bonfire night.  The fears around  "Health and safety" have produced a situation in which our children can no longer play with sparklers and we all stand around freezing  on a cold November evening while watching the bonfire from the edges of an exclusion zone. This is ridiculous.  

Why is this idea important?

This is important for liberty because the idea that  'someone might sue' blights every school or community event planning activity in my village.  Numerous conversations between the parents in our school playground are peppered with this theme.  Folk are frightened that any ordinary event will somehow end in disaster and that the 'victim' will sue and be better off for their stupidity or deliberate idiocy  – the numerous advertisements for 'Sue Someone Dot Com' on every tv station and in every newspaper add their drop of poison to our thinking. This pervading fear hinders creativity and produces an atmosphere of anxiety and worry.  Health and Safety legislation may originally have been designed to stop careless planning,  but it has gone too far the other way and has taken choices away from people and ultimately taken away people's responsibility for their own actions.

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