Currently UK old age pensions are frozen for British citizens who reside in certain countries overseas, for example, Canada, Australia, South Africa, but not if they reside in the USA or EC. This is not a comprehensive list but it serves to illustrate the clear disparity in the way in which the Britain Government has chosen to treat large numbers of its citizens who are fully entitled to receive a UK pension but may choose to live overseas and receive their pension where they live.

To illustrate, once you retire and receive your UK pension, you will receive the annually awarded increase if you reside in the UK, anywhere in the EC, the USA and many other countries around the world. However, if you choose to go and live in Canada, Australia and certain other Commonwealth countries in order to be near family, your pension will be frozen at the amount first granted if you live overseas or at the figure when you left the UK.

There can be no legitimate reason why this standard entitlement is refused to people simply based upon the place where they live. It is palpably unfair and urgently needs to be rescinded.


Why is this idea important?

Change in the current legislation is urgently required in order to eliminate an obviously unfair practise and to ensure British citizens, regardless of where they may reside, are treated in a uniformly fair and equitable manner.

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