At present, anyone involved at more than one place has to have a CRB check for each place, as no institutionis allowed to accept a check carried out for another institution. This despite the same form being filled by the same person and assessed by the same body, but for an additional fee. I feel this is a waste of time and effort, and only achieves incresed revenues for the private firm (looking like a Government body ) that is run by a Nulab donor. Aside from the suspect financial arrangements, it is an inhibitory waste of time and unnecessary red tape. 

Bear in mind that this has to be repeated regularly, and is not a one off procedure.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because this will free up the time and effort involved in the multiple applications, which have to be made on a regular rather than a one off basis. There is also a cost – each time an application is made.

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