The new coalition government has done well in abolishing the ID card scheme, however an equally insidious and vulnerable scheme by the name of ContactPoint is still in the works. This is far too intrusive, costly, and involves the garnering off far too much personal data about children in the U.K.  It is also selective insofar as the offspring of celebrities, politicians, and the wealthy are not to be included in the data, highlighting two major flaws, i.e. security concerns before the scheme is even off the ground (because the children of people in these "categories" are deemed to be more likely to be targetted by the villains among us, clearly implying that there are indeed worries about the ease with which data could be hacked); and the elitist nature of the scheme, whereby it is proposed that some are more important than others. ContactPoint is an unnecessary and Orwellian proposal which needs to be done away with, now.

Why is this idea important?

I believe that I have clearly spelled out the logic of my proposal that ContactPoint be abolished, rather than simply watered down, in my comments above. I can expand insofar as it is also undemocratic, and would be open to all manner of abuse and misuse, not just by criminal elements, but also by the "authorities".  The sort of data collection envisaged would undoubledly have commercial value, not least to retailers and marketing organisations, and there is no doubt that the current or future governments could – and probably would if the scheme were to come to fruition – sell the data, just as the DVLA sees fit to make money out of personal data that has been collated at taxpayers' expense and is frequently sold to commercial entities (while an individual whose personal information is held by the DVLA remains powerless to see what his/her data consists of without first having to jump through all manner of hoops, and paying fees). Past course of conduct clearly points to the extreme likelihood of any personal data collected by government being subject to abuse, so ContactPoint should not be considered less than likely to be as vulnerable to misuse as any other of the countless databanks that have been compromised in the past.

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