The Defence Vetting Agency currently apply restrictions on citizens employed in defence jobs requiring security clearance, when the individual concerned have certain medical conditions such as epilepsy, mental health issues and other conditions. These caveats make the jobs of these individuals extremely hard to carry out with the inability to carry out overtime due to not being allowed in an office environment or labortory alone (thus a reduction in pay), inability to courier offical documents and the line manager has to be aware of the individal's condition. They also make the career paths of very able individuals very much reduced in quality. I feel these caveats don't protect national security I feel they are over the top and should be phased out. They date back to draconian laws and attitudes in by gone eras and discriminate against disabled people who don't ask to be born with these conditions.

Why is this idea important?

It would improve the lives of certain individuals employed within defence contractors and the MoD in this country.

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