Elimination or redrafting of the CRB check law. It is both unnecessary and counter-productive in its present form.

Why is this idea important?


CRB checks should be abolished, or seriously rethought. Apart from the multiplication of them that many have noted, it being at the discretion of each institution whether it accepts previous checks or not, there are other reasons.


(1) They are used by bodies as inappropriate controls for other reasons. I was told I couldn’t walk my daughter down a corridor to where her orchestra was rehearsing in the evening and drop her off without a CRB check. The person in charge just didn’t want parents getting past the front door.


(2) If one looks at the law itself, it was intended only to apply to those who have ‘intensive and frequent’ contact with children. This is clearly not how it is being applied by institutions.


(3) I believe it may actually make it more likely that children are subject to abuse; more difficult to pick up threats to children. It puts people off their guard and blunts their instincts as to who might behave inappropriately with children. After all, everyone is CRB checked, so one doesn’t need to bother to oneself. A classic case of diluted responsibility. The opposite view also fails to note that the CRB checks only pick up the less clever people who haven’t been caught! What of all the others? Better to put responsibility onto individual people to be observant, alert and use their instincts and common sense.

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