No private motor vehicles to enter into a designated radius from the city centre.

Electified public transport should cover all  transport needs in the cities of the nation. Multi-storied car parks to be built above railway stations some considerable distance from the city centre. Car owners must park and ride public transport into the no vehicle zones. Every street in the non car zones must be serviced by public transport. A small fee to be charged for using the buses, trams or monorail services.

Why is this idea important?

Bringing motor vehicles into cities only creates congestion which means drivers and passengers are wasting their valuable time thus being inefficient producers. Also the pollution factor has become a major issue, as well as the huge waste of fuel as cars sit with engines idling.

No CarZzones would be a welcome lifestyle change where commerce and shopping can be done in silence and a healthy environment. The modern lifestyle is being dictated by non human creations which are lowering the quality of life for all those that suffer from their use in the cities. Public transport is also a more efficient use of energy than the one car one passenger rows of stalled vehicles.waiting patiently to go somewhere. Cities are no longer fun to visit and private vehicles are the problem.

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