The 'Law'  that needs to be discarded is the one that ensures that ' you'  will continue to have jaundiced views on the social and moral rectitude of disabled claimants who cannot work. Our sole means of subsistence is via the grudging state benefits – one half of minimum subsistence at best! – which are under threat on your pretext of  'economising'.  

I refer to the Law that stipulates that no sitting MP shall have or have had direct experience of mental ill-health.  The ring of fear of disclosure – Stigma – that this creates, ensures that everyone with back-ground experience as to where people with mental health needs are coming from with our disabilities – anyone 'grounded' in our issues, is Banished from the forums of Parliament and gagged from putting the light of their experiences to good effect to inform the decisions which deeply affect our section of society, taken by you, but apt to be mis-construed by you because your decisions are taken oblivious of the nature of our experiences and perspectives!  

In case you do not quite see the drift of this,  the implementation of the Employment Support Allowance, which discards recognition of incapacity and any duty to meet commitments to the continuing care needs of incurably ill people – uninformed by our perspectives as claimants, goes nowhere near meeting the needs of disabled people from any perspective and is not fit for purpose.  It is not Of the people or By the people or For the people.  It is in our Faces as Anti-democratic as well as Anti-disability.  It is directed At us and is loaded with compulsions that most disabled people regard as harassment, since we have no hope of measuring up to the mis-construed expectations placed upon us.  I am prompted to respond:  NO COMPULSION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!  

Unsurprisingly, I among many do not take kindly to the course being set for us – that of Whipping Boy and Scape-goat for a society malaise of needing a victim to heap blame and execration upon.  Furthermore, I believe it is incumbent upon MPs to set their own Houses in order, because this is the source of the mis-directed, ill-advised compulsions being levelled at disabled people in general and the mentally ill in particular.  It is also the source of perpetuating stigmatising attitudes and discriminatory measures levelled against some of the most vulnerable people in our society.  

Why is this idea important?

This has become an Emancipation issue, since the people who stand in the firing line for this mis-construed thinking are effectively dis-enfranchised by having the usual channels for making representation to Parliament blocked by the Exclusive nature of Parliament’s deliberations – on issues which profoundly affect us and our futures, in this frequently hostile, mostly uncomprehending society – who use fear of something as a pretext for shunning blameless people and shaping them into victims and scape-goats for the ills of this torn society.

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