My employer "offers" free medical checks and advice.  The catch is that you can not refuse.  As part of this "benefit" you are required to provide your GPs address and contact number and a consent form has to be signed for the employer to request a copy of your records through a third party ( a medical company they pay). 

I have nothing to hide but I do not think that employers should have the right to access and then retain your medical details for what ever use.  I believe that you should be able to opt out of this "benefit" and continue to have your job with no recriminations.  I also believe that people if offered health screening should be able to choose their own health screener and choose which information to share with third parties.

Why is this idea important?

You asked if there were any areas of the state where I felt my civil liberties had been infringed.  This is one area where I strongly object to providing information and do not know how to stop it other than not attending the GP.

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