I believe there should be a big difference between employment laws for businesses of 5 employees or less and bigger companies. Small Businesses should be able to cease employing staff by serving a paid notice period and not making them redundant. They should also be able to replace staff without having to comply with redundancy regulations.

Why is this idea important?

Staff wages and paper work are a huge drain on recources, and although staff can bring skills to the workplace, they can also ruin small business. By giving small employers more flexability, small businesses will be more responsive to economic pressures and will be more effective. Although I would like to employ staff I only need 1-2 and cannot afford to employ staff who are absent – sick or on maternity leave – or ineffective staff. So far we have employed temps as and when we have needed staff. Of 5 temps; 3 were let go for being ineffective/poor timekeepers and one for theft. If they had been employees I would not have been able to remove or replace them and the financial drain would have been significant.

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