There should be a law that covers people over 50 and 60 who still want to work and are fit and able to do so, this law should state that:-  

"All persons that submit a CV or qualifications for a vacant position that match what has to be listed as the full experience quoted on the advertisement for that said position are to be interviewed, regardless of their age".

"A potential employer cannot under any circumstances decide that a person because of their age cannot be considered ".

And YES, this is the difficult bit because it's common knowledge that they WILL lie –

"If after an interview a person is not accepted for the position, a reason must be given which is much more than – "sorry not suitable or not enough experience", especially as the advertisement for the position clearly has to state what experience is required.

Why is this idea important?

I am 63 years old, physically fit, greatly experienced in what I do, yet each time I send a CV off to a company for consideration for a job, whether that job is to do with my experience or less than my experience, I never hear from them. I am quite happy to take a full-time job, part-time job, permanent or otherwise, a contract job or a temporary job, but no, they don't want me.

Last winter when there was snow everywhere and difficult for people to get to work, the Employment Agency I'm with put my CV forward for a temporary position in a company that is 5 minutes walk from my front door, along with another person who lived a good 10 miles or so away and would need to get in by car, we both had the experience, did they choose the one who was right on their doorstep and able to get in every day, no, they chose the one who lived miles away and would probably have difficulty getting in. 

These days you don't have to put your date of birth on a CV, but this doesn't stop a company from knowing how old you are, they only have to look at how many years you've been working to know your age because you have to state for each job you've had how long you were there. I'd even work from home if given the chance. 

It should be compulsary that companies have to interview you if you have the experience required in their advertisement, but they want to employ younger people, they are not interested in the fact that the older person is much more reliable, much more likely to stay late and much more likely to get the job done without flapping.

If companies with the younger manager etc., would interview the oldies like me, they will not see a decrepit old person, they would see someone with a good sense of humour, a lot of patience and willing to work. I've never taken sick leave because I fancy a day off, not taken long lunches because I 'don't want to go back to the office yet' or made up fictitious appointments / meetings to get out of the office and out of working.

Who thinks the sick leave, the long lunches and fictitious appointments/meetings isn't true, well believe me they are, I've seen them all and more during my working years.


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