Now call me crazy, but surely everyone must have noticed the increasing amounts of empty shops in towns caused by the recession in this country. If some of these were turned in to Amsterdam style coffeeshops, I am fairly sure that they would stay open. The demand for cannabis is so great it is truly staggering, all I have heard for the past decade is disappointed cannabis users complaining how much effort it takes to get cannabis, I have heard stories of 400 mile round trips to obtain a few grams of grass. But no matter how hard it is to get, people always do.

There is nothing that this government can do to stop people obtaining and smoking cannabis, it will never end. 

Why not use this obvious mass market and make it a part of our (clearly failing) economy. We could easily regulate this plant and people will want to buy it. Don't get me wrong, a license to sell cannabis should be extremely difficult (but not impossible) to get, and very easy to lose.

Why is this idea important?

Cannabis being illegal is working in an adverse way to our country's economy. There are quite a few people who are unemployed in this country I hear, I wonder just how many people would become employed when "Cannabis Dealer" becomes a profession, probably a fair few. The police efforts to stop cannabis use and dealing could be directed in another (actually useful) direction.

Why is something illegal when if it were made legal, all the bad points about it disappear? 

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