Section 157 of the 2006 Companies Act bans under 16s from being the director of either a company or a charity.  

Whilst I appreciate that this is a law that only directly affects a very small minority of people, they are a very important minority, and it is thus in all out interests that we repeal it.

These people are the cream of the next generation, potential business or community leaders of the future.  Their talent and drive should be nurtured, encouraged and allowed to flourish.  Holding them back to the level of less able youngsters has quite the opposite effect.  

If we want this country to have a future, we should be encouraging our most able and driven youngsters to use their talent to its full potential.  The removal of unnecessary barriers, such as this draconian piece of legislation, is essential to doing this.

Just because this law only restricts a very small minority is not an excuse for its existence, particularly as the very people it is restricting are the same people that we will need to help get this country out of the mess it is in.

A government which cares about the future of this country would repeal this law without hesitation.

Why is this idea important?

Young talent must be allowed to flourish.  Whilst it has become fashionable in this country only to consider the needs of the least able, a country which holds its most talented youngsters back is doomed to failure.  It is therefore in all our interests that we repeal this ludicrous and draconian piece of legislation.

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