There are many jobs advertised in Employment Centres, Agencies and Job Websites. I suggest the Government drafts a code of practice to reward companies who take on people looking for work, and shame companies who advertise but don't fill the vacancies.

This might stop false job advertising / exagerating of numbers of vacancies by some Agencies.

This would encourage employers to train and bring unemployment down.

This would bring more legitimate tax payers contributing to the economic recovery.

For those who are long term unemployed, pay an enhanced job-seekers allowance for those who volunteer to do community work or assist charities. Those who decline such opportunities should have their benefits reduced.

Why is this idea important?

It is well known that there are many who don't have the desire or self respect to keep in employment and contribute to society.

Those who are unlucky enough to be out of a job should be given every realistic chance to get back to work. There are hundreds and thousand of jobs being advertised and these should not remain unfilled. These honest people should be given every chance to earn a living.

Companies are sometimes unrealistic with their requisite candidate qualifications; anyone with the aptitude and desire should be given maximum opportunity to change careers, retrain and start again back into employment.

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