I simply propose that there should be an outright ban on arbitrary surveillance of the population without evidence leading to suspicion of a crime.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Why is this idea important?

There is no reason for someone to be under surveillance by the government unless there is evidence that they may be committing a crime.

It has been said by some senior civil servants over the past decade that such measures are necessary for all manner of reasons, but most notably to 'tackle terrorism in our communities'.

Please, let's get real. Planned mass murder for political goals is the past-time of only the smallest minority of the population, and the number of deaths caused by such atrocities in tragic, but tiny in comparison to other, every day crimes.

It does not justify arbitrary surveillance of the population, as if all of us might be suspected of such crimes.

It is suspicion without evidence, almost akin to 'guilty before proven innocent'.

People in this country, and people visiting us I am sure, do not want to be subject to such surveillance.

Regulate it out, because other wise there is a strong chance of it happening.

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