To end business rates on any empty commercial,and industrial buildings

Why is this idea important?

To compel a company, or a landlord to pay  business rates on an empty commercial building is  totally unfair. No local facilities are being used when it is empty to justify demanding this money. It is made at a time when the building empty and not capable of producing any revenue to pay this tax.

For instance, anyone that you may buy a service from on a continual basis, and therefore has those services available ready for you to use but if you then stop buying those services, the provider does not go on sending you a bill. It would be illegal.  Rates demanded on empty buildings is seen as stealing by the local authority, with it being authorised by central Government.       A straight demand for money with nothing in return is wrong.   There is no credibility to a Government that sanctions the demand for money in this way.  It looses the trust of its people.

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