The argument for the legalisation of cannabis has been repeated ad nauseum on this site, i dont believe i am even required to adumbrate the vast plethora of favourable evidence weighted behind my title. Conversely, i am yet to see any reputable counter points made. If the current government will insist on the continued criminalisation of a huge number of inoccent tax paying UK citizens it should at least engage in open, informed debate on the subject, preferably in a public forum allowing for expert input. It would be a huge step forward to accept informed logic and discourse as opposed to the histerical pseudo journalistic rantings of the fascist soft porn comic tabloid press. 

Why is this idea important?

The idea should be considered of the utmost importance. It is too easy to simply write off calls for a change in drug legislation and the regulation of drugs as left wing hippy ideal or the potential downfall of civil society (duly accepting the special case of alcohol. And tobacco of course). I dont take any recreational drugs (including alcohol) but my abstinence is my choice and not one i would force upon another. We need to stop pushing our children into the black market arena. there was a time when cannabis was at least free from "cutting" (the mixing of the desired drug with cheaper, often dangerous alternative substances in order to increase weight and therefore yeild greater profit) however, the addition of powdered glass etc to the growing plants has made this once safe drug potentialy harmful to the throat and lungs of the user. This in turn has pushed many to grow their own, thus further criminalising themselves under these wretched, totalitarian laws. End prohibition. Make the tough decisions now so our children don't pay the price.

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