The people of the Turks and Caicos are suffering under British direct rule and the FCO is ignoring clear signs of British incompetence and cupability on behalf of british officails in the territory. The allegations of corruption against the local politicians may be grave and have serious consequences if proven but the governor and the attorney general who were part of cabinet cannot escape blame. It is touted that the governor had to sign what local politician put infront of him. However section 25 of the territory's constitution says different.

Secondly the investigations into corruption cost over five hundred thousand dollars a month at the expense of civil servants salaries and other social amenities. Why is the FCO not paying for this investigation.Direct rule has caused a flight of capital and labour, uncertainty and lack of investor confidence in the territory. The governor runs an administration cloaked in secrecy and the press have complained of a curtailment of its freedom and unnescessary restrictions. Locals who are innocent have been vitimized and marginalised -at least this is how they feel.

The people of the Turks and Caicos resent being recolonized and denied the right to trial by jury in such a young emerging democracy. Their dignity have been crushed and their self esteemed battered. They liken their situation to modern day slavery. The image of Britain around the world does not need the situation in the Turks and Caicos to be added to it. The people crave your kind and timely intervention sir. You are respected as a libertarian and a fair and just person who believes in and cherished freedom. Your help is appreciated as the FCO now is reading from the script left by the former Labour government.

Why is this idea important?

Sir freedom and democracy should not be held hostage by the persuit of justice. Surely a mature and powerful nation such as Britain should be able to bring seven men and a few others to justice in a country of 35 thousand people with no army or military. The people's right to self determination such not be a casualty of justice. They are aware that the UK had it own scandals in the past and very recently but such uneven and heavy handed actions as those carried out by the UK in the territory were never contemplated. Instead certain UK politicains were granted legal aid and they now claim that they have immunity from prosecution. The people of the Turks and Caicos are aware of all this and more, this is why they see the Uk actions as a disproportionate response to the situation. In the Territory it is said that the UK used a sledge hammer was used to kill a fly.

Sir do not readily believe  those who say that the people welcome UK's actions in the territory. The Uk  is the least popular country in the Turks and Caicos right now. I do not profess to know all the answers why this is so but the Uk is seen as part of the problem and having contributed to the problem. Then there is the matter of re-writing the territory's constitution and changing the electoral arrangement without the proper input of the people or a vote as will be granted to UK citizenzs in may 2011. One Uk national Ms Kate sullivan is tasked with re-writing the constitution, without any local representation. There are much more sir but again the people are appealing to your sense of fair play and justice.

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