Repeal of "Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005

2005 CHAPTER 2" which is the legislation permitting the use of control orders on people who have not been convicted of any crime in court.

Why is this idea important?

This piece of legislation permits the state to put someone under house arrest without the case being made against the defendant in a court of law. The defendant, will in most cases, never know what the state's case against him or her might be. This can make it impossible for him or her to prove his or her innocence.

This fundamentally violates the principles behind Habeas Corpus, the right not to be detained by the state without a fair trial. This act is an extremely serious abuse of fundamental human rights and is unworthy of a great democracy which invented Habeas Corpus and the rule of law.

If the state is convinced that someone is truly a danger to society, then evidence may be collected by the state and intelligence services and put their case in a court of law. Such illiberal legislation only strengthens our enemies who can claim we are hypocritical and it could also be used as a recruiting sergeant for the people who would do us harm.

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