For many public sector appointments in Wales it is a requirement to be able to speak Welsh. However the majority of Welsh citizens do not speak Welsh so the pool from which public appointments are made is severely limited. A mandatory requirement like this should be outlawed so that local bodies can make sensible choices about the level of Welsh speakers that may be required and be able to select the best people from any linguistic background. 

Why is this idea important?

The Welsh economy needs all the help it can get. Being unable to select the best candidates because of this language issue is an unnecessary impediment to academic, economic and social progress. At present English speakers (and all non-Welsh speakers) are effectively denied the right to work in parts of the public sector in Wales. This must be contrary to EU law.

The desire in Wales to support the Welsh language is understandable and legitimate. However the limitation in making apointmemts is only one example of a wasteful and damaging practice in support of the language which actually damages the overall performance of the Welsh nation. Local authorities and utility companies usually send out bills and documentation in two languages. The recipient should have an option to receive paper in one language only. This would save a very large duplication of paper which is presently dumped immediately on delivery.


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  1. Surely the best Person is themost important criteria for seklection not just the best Welsh speaker.The Welsh Language legislation requires that English ad Welsh are given equal status, not that Welsh is given ptiority.

    1. Yes Jacques Protic, a Serb immigrant who classes himself as English stood as a county council candidate on Anglsey last year on a ticket of stopping the bilingual education policy, it was of no surprise to anyone that he came LAST !

      He is a racist bigot that wants to eradicate not only the Welsh language, but everything Welsh.

      1. At least he has stood for a non facist party in Wales.
        Just to remind you “Jason.” Plaid Cymru are the national socialist party of Wales. Their founders were facist sympathizer s. Even Ambrose Bebb condemned the plot to assassinate the “second anti christ,” in 1944. As thousands of Welshman were fighting for Queen and Country.
        I for one welcome Sir J Protic s input. And I am born and bred Welsh, but am British too. Maybe a Serb, is what we need, to end this ridiculous notion of jobs only for the “boyos and girlos.”
        I have worked in many public sector s in North West Wales. Corruption is beyond human comprehension.
        Two of the most significant antagonist s of the twentieth century were Serbian. Could Sir J P be the third?#

  2. How is it discriminatory against the English language to require an ability to speak Welsh.

    Do the roles not also require an ability to speak English, or at least have parallel positions occupied by English speakers. I suggest that the author of this proposal has a misunderstanding of the word “discrimination”

    1. payroll job at swansea university must be able to communicate in the medium of welsh although nearly every student can speak english. I left school in 1980 with no knowledge of the welsh language,but i am a real good payroll cleark prevented from applying for this job.

  3. no worries, arty. Welsh will never die out 🙂 and if you realise, the Welsh language is never forced onto anyone. we don’t put a gun to their head and say “speak welsh now or die!” fuck you people are bellends. for years we had the W.N and they still expect us to speak english

    1. Welsh not was encouraged by the Welsh born teachers. Not forced upon the Principality.
      Where else on Planet Earth is a minority language given such funding? Go to South Wales and hardly no one speaks Welsh butt. Go to Pontypridd you will be laughed at.

  4. Welsh is a qualification which every person going through the education system in Wales is entitled to get, and has been for decades. Why should those who made the effort be held back by those who didn’t or didn’t want to? It’s the same with the public job market throughout the European Union – language matters!

    1. Why the hell should I be put at a disadvantage after obtaining a law degree when some one who has not gets the job just because they speak Welsh, we all had the chance to learn blah blah blah, why the hell couldn`t they get a degree blah bla blah.

      1. Except in the European Union they are speaking in non – monolingual, MAJORITY, language s. In France Breton has almost been outlawed . (Not stating I agree with this measure.) Also similarly a situation in Spain too in the Principality of Catolonia. Where there recent attempt at independence has been ignored,(quite correctly,) completely.
        Therefore #”Neilyn,” your contribution is,(once again,) completely incorrect.
        Nadolig Llawen.

  5. A language is merely a form of communication. Should it really matter if someone speaks another language to you? Judging someone based on the language they speak is linguistic discrimination and is equivalent to judging someone based on their race, age or sex. Who are you to judge the language I speak. It is completely unjust and needs putting to an end, no matter what country you choose live in.

  6. The vast majority of countries in continental Europe co-exist by recognising each others linguistic heritage and rights to speak their chosen language. It is normal to cross a border and move in to a different linguistic zone, simple! In Wales we are rather unfortunate in having as our neighbour the most aggressively colonial country in the world. Here the rules are rather different and every effort has been made over the centuries to eradicate the language, assimilate the people and colonise the land for the use of the English nation, as has happened in Cornwall. Welsh speakers live their daily lives under the black cloud of language discrimination because English speakers feel threatened by its existence. Get over it, Wales has 2 official languages and its people have a right to use both!

    1. Yes people have the right to use both languages. Of course. But providing employment and beneficial positions only to Welch speaker’s is borderline facism. Cymraeg is a minority language. Your comparisons with the European Union are un just. Welsh Language is most definitely not discriminated against in 2016. Yes, Cymraeg was once discriminated against. But considering all translations have the Welsh language first in North Wales, certain public sector authorities don’t even attempt to use the English language. Suggests, evidently that the Welsh language is on a pedestal that no other minority language on Earth attains. In my opinion the Welsh are part of the wonderful: “aggressive colonialism of England and GBR.” After all we are a Principality. No I’m not English I’m a born and bred speaker of Cymraeg. Our Principality is not an independent Country.

    2. How can you ever compare Cornwall or Wales with genuine Independent countries? Count your lucky stars that Welsh is accepted as a national language in Great Britain, not a minor regional one. Such as Breton is in Brittany.
      Wether you like it or not. Cornwall and Wales are not independent countries. It’s not the middle ages.

  7. This is a ridiculous idea.
    English speakers are in no way being discriminated against.
    The requirement excludes non-Welsh speakers, in the same way practically every job in the country excludes non-English speakers (indeed these jobs also require the applicants to be able to speak English, so the accusation of discrimination is entirely false).

    1. Do these jobs specifically state on the application forms and within the advertisement s that the applicants are specifically required to speak English? In order to meet the mandatory requirements for the position?
      No , they most certainly don’t. But they do state that the applicant(s,) must speak Welsh. In fact, many of these advertisements,(especially within your corrupt public sector,) are only advertised within the Welsh language.
      Welsh is a minority language in the whole of our Principality. (Only around fifteen percent of the population of our Principality live within Anglesey and Gwynedd.)
      Discrimination is most definitely evident son.

  8. Being Welsh is about a passion for our heritage and culture and the welsh language is just a part of that.
    Stop discrimination against English speaking Welsh people .

  9. Dumbass, speaking welsh should be a priority in Wales over any other language as it is our language. If you cant see that maybe you should leave. Why should everyone have to speak English.

    1. Why are you speaking English now then? Irony in your meagre uneducated contributions is hilarious. It’s not possible to live in Wales and not use English in 2016. Welsh is inferior in reality to English. Why English is a global, technological language. Is also the principle language if business worldwide. Welsh is just an insignificant, micro strain of Latin.

      1. No language is superior nor inferior .. Seems you have been taken in by the English (yes, that includes the non Cymraeg) and Mein Kampf

  10. I don’t know why English people are moaning that certain jobs need an ability to speak Welsh, every job in England needs an ability to speak English. Every day it seems that somebody is complaining about foreigners coming to England and not learning the language and not wanting to fit in with English culture, shame the English don’t act accordingly when they colonize parts of rural Wales and parts of Spain and Portugal.

  11. Why do I see jobs advertised with language as relevance. Surely the skills required would give the public a better service. As long as we understand each other that’s good enough. Everywhere I see Wales shooting itself in the foot for the meer sake of linguistics.
    There are more urgent matters in this world that we should be concerned about and invest in. This is lingo polava is over the top and is causing animosity which the welsh minority are ignoring.

  12. Wales is NOT a separate entity from the rest of Britain as much as you would like to think it is.

    Wales is already heavily subsidised by English tax payers and excluding someone from being able to apply for a job in Wales on the grounds they cannot speak Welsh – especially when linguistics has no bearing on the job in question – is pure discrimination and bordering on fascism.

    I was born in Wales. So were my parents. I don’t speak Welsh. I’m happy for those who do and glad that those who wish to are preserving the language but enforcing it as a compulsory measure is outrageous.

    Wales should be BI-LINGUAL. Until the day it separates from Britain and becomes a completely independent country with its own tax system and Government then it has no claim on Welsh as a first language.

    And what about those people who live in border towns whose taxes pay for bilingual road signs that aren’t even in Wales? Scandalous waste of public money.

    1. Can I have the money I squander on your “royal” family back please? now THER is a complete waste of money along with paying for English roadsigns here in Cymru.

      1. Royal Family generates huge amounts of income in the Tourist sector. A sector which keeps many local businesses within North Wales afloat.
        Can I have my council tax back which is wasted in your corrupt public sector??

  13. Here is a quotation from an essay by M. Wynn Thomas that illuminates some, though not all, of the issues raised by these posts. Professor Thomas first quotes R.S. Thomas and then comments himself. Here is the quotation from RST:

    “There are signs now that the mantle of writers like T. Gwynn Jones and W.J. Gruffydd is falling not upon younger Welsh writers, but on those who express ourselves in the English tongue…Ireland has contrived to remain Irish despite her use of English, and there is no overwhelming reason why we should not succeed also…”

    M.W. Thomas comments: “Strictly speaking this is a heretical view which Thomas quickly abjured, but it could be argued that it has continued, throughout his career, to be operative on the level of his actual writing.” (Miraculous Simplicity, p. 63.)

    What I would draw everyone’s attention to is the fact that Professor Thomas thinks that to write poetry in the medium of English is “heretical” and hence English-language poets like Dylan Thomas, or Kathryn Grey, or Owen Sheers are somehow heretics! The OED offers these definitions of heresy:

    Belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine: Huss was burned for heresy

    Opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted: the heresy of being uncommitted to the right political dogma

  14. I have been to a lot of countries and wales is the only one I have ever experienced racism for being English. I live in chester so being on the boarder it puts me at a disadvantage in that I have less of an area around my house in which I can apply for certain jobs. I think racism between Chester and Wrexham stems a lot from football in which I am not the slightest bit interested in.

    The jobs I am looking at says: For this post, the ability to communicate in both English and Welsh is desirable.

    So I take that as I am not desired.

    It is a shame because the welsh hills are nice places.

  15. I moved to North Wales 25 years ago from London. I got a job with a charity in Bangor, where my brief was to seek funding for a befriending scheme. The application had been turned down quite a few times but, as I’m good at my job, I managed to get funding for 3 posts.
    I wrote the job descriptions and person specifications et cetera. Did a huge amount of work on low pay because I believed in it as a project.

    The posts had to be externally advertised – however, I was actually quite disgusted to receive a copy of documents that I had written only to find an additional ‘skill’ had been tagged on the person specification; namely, the ability to speak fluent Welsh.
    I had actually unknowingly created jobs for a racist system without knowing it.
    I arrived in North Wales with a superb track record in my field of mental health but alas, was unable to find work due to the appalling racism there.

    I’m perceived as ‘English, the enemy’ (in fact I’m not English anyway but Irish Estonian with a London accent). Should I have worn a t-shirt with
    ‘Half Irish/ Half Estonian ‘ written on it?
    !? Should I be less proud of my heritage than a Welsh speaker? I think not!

    A friend of mine who is Welsh was extremely angry at not being allowed to police inside the Eisteddfod, simply because he does not speak Welsh. It’s nuts!

    The nationalists in Wales are actually quite evil in my opinion. If Welsh came to London and were called names and denied jobs, they would be justifiably annoyed but in north wales in particular, there are very organised and active ‘cells’ whose business is to spread discord. The crapology of ‘Oh poor us, the nasty English’ doesn’t wash.

    I think Wales should become independent; should receive no funding from London – be self sufficient.
    That way, they can be as bigoted as they like ( on a tight budget methinks)
    Lovely countryside but, in my experience, full of rather trusting locals, led by the nose into nationalistic hogwash by quasi academics and people who believe saying ‘love’ in Welsh is more important than feeling it in another language.

    1. Go back to Russia.

      Real Estonians (not the descendants of the Russian occupants) know EXACTLY what it’s like when your native language is supressed.

      I am an Estonian who dedicated time to learn Welsh while living in Wales and, as the result, have been embraced by my community. Meanwhile, the English and Irish-Russians like you continue to cry because they feel entitled to only speak their language.

  16. I have just moved to Gwynedd from London and I’m finding it incredibly hard to find a job. I have worked in the Public Sector in London for 12 years and have been told by HR in Gwynedd council they will only interview me in Welsh. That’s not discrimination? – jobs for the Boyo’s definetly still exists, regardless of whatever is said in Public. Criminal and destructive to the community.

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