It would be better if there were no abortions, but we live in a democracy which has voted for women to have the right to have an abortion subject to certain conditions.  In practice, however, since 1967 the country has seemed to have moved from a situation where two eminent physicians might be up all night agonising on whether an abortion was appropriate in a particular case to one where abortion seems a right available on demand.   Repeat social abortions for the same person are also increasing.  Consideration should be given to not having any social abortions freely available on the NHS.  All social abortion applications on the NHS should be means tested, while retaining free treatment only for those abortions which would meet the Amnesty criteria.

Why is this idea important?

More than 85% of all abortions are for "social" reasons and the NHS, like other public services, is becoming strapped for cash while hardly promoting health and saving lives by performing such procedures.   Social abortion has become a long stop contraceptive – it should not be freely available.  At the very least it should be means tested.

In the longer term it is to be hoped that social abortion itself might become unacceptable, if not on the moral high ground of saving an unborn child, then on the pragmatic outlooks for future pensions, immigration trends and economic prosperity.

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  1. I’m concerned about why so many women have repeated abortions. If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, why can’t she be sterilised? If the rules were that “social” abortion could only be carried out in conjunction with sterilisation by tubal ligation or spaying, perhaps costs could be reduced to the NHS and there would be fewer time-wasters.

  2. I totally agree with this. When the NHS is so short of money it seems ridiculous for taxpayers to fund abortions which are in no way related to a woman’s physical health but are about her lifestyle choices.
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