No-one should be allowed to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality, whether they are religious or otherwise. Catholic adoption agencies should not be allowed to refuse adoption to gay couples because of their religious beliefs. Rascist discrimination would not be permitted, why is homophobic discrimination any different?

Why is this idea important?

We aim to live in a fair society free from discrimination, but discrimination laws fall short of protecting gay people because of the religious views of many people. Whether based on religious or any other beliefs, discrimination should not be permitted in our society. It is important to teach people that gay couples are the same as any other couples and should be treated no differently. We do not live in a society dominated by religion, and pandering to specific religious beliefs in unfair on the majority of people who do not hold those religious beliefs and are being penalised. Would an adoption agency run by gays be allowed to refuse to let a Catholic couple adopt? Catholic and other religious groups are perfectly entitled to hold thier views, but not at the expense of others and certainly not at the expense of the happiness of children who they feel may be "damaged" by gay parents, despite no evidence suggesting this is the case.

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